What is Your Shop’s Value of Time?

What is Your Shop’s Value of Time?

How you can safeguard the crucial resource of time from the many eager thieves who want to steal it from you.

We all tend to hold on to our most prized possessions – money, jewelry, property – by locking it away and protecting it. Yet, we often forget about our most valuable, limited asset without thinking twice – our time.

Each day gifts us 1,440 minutes to make the most of. Once they pass, those minutes are gone for good. In this Tire Review Continental Tire Garage Studio video, let’s talk about how you can safeguard the crucial resource of time from the many eager thieves wanting to steal it.

A lack of planning is a common culprit of time-wasting. Without a clear roadmap, you surf through your day in constant firefighting mode – meaning urgent issues dictate your focus rather than intentional daily priorities. This leaves you and your techs feeling drained, always having to react instead of following the progress. To avoid this time-wasting problem, set a short to-do list each morning – no more than six or so key tasks. This list will become your roadmap to stay focused amid distractions, and checking off tangible goals beats aimless busywork. This sort of planning prevents urgency from hijacking your schedule or can help you regain the schedule you lost.

When it comes to time-saving or time-wasting, digital tools walk a thin line. Email and social media are endless time sinks if you let them. Set specific times for employees to check messages and offer ample breaks for them throughout the day, but encourage staying disconnected otherwise.

To avoid unnecessary interruptions, start a system to indicate you and your technician’s availability. Unplanned visits lead to mistakes in the bays that cost time and money, so techs need uninterrupted focus to prevent overlooked steps.

It may sound harsh, but it’s also important to learn to say no when needed. Well-meaning customers and employees may dump their vehicle emergencies on you, but that doesn’t automatically make it your shop’s problem. Your good nature can be manipulated if you don’t set boundaries.

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